Citizens Appeal to City Council to make the right decision: Feb. 27, 2017

Set your calendars and come to Alhambra City Hall, 2nd floor, on Mon, Feb. 27 at 7pm for a public hearing before the City Council, who will vote on this project that could potentially bring 4000-8000+ more cars daily at Fremont/Mission,  according to the City’s  own studies, which were based on a rural Lowe’s in San Diego County. In reality, it will be more than that. Do YOU want more traffic on Fremont?

22 community members have filed an appeal to the Council, which cost $940, for the City Council to re-consider the Planning Commission’s decision.

Come support the community’s appeal:

  • Mon, Feb. 27 at 7pm

  • Alhambra City Hall 111 S. First Street, Alhambra



Residents filed the appeal on the grounds that the planning commission, who approved the permit, had not answered all resident questions about the project, that the traffic study was incomplete and that the land wasn’t properly zoned for a retail store like Lowe’s. — Alhambra Source, Feb. 16, 2017:


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