Petition to temporarily halt large-scale developments until…

This petition was read to the City Council at their Strategic Planning Session in June 2020 and to the Planning Commission on July 20, 2020 in non-agenda public comment, as well as read as public comment non-agenda item at their August 3, 2020 meeting.

We the neighbors of Alhambra and the greater San Gabriel Valley call on the City of Alhambra (i.e. the Planning Commission, Design Review Board and City Council) to implement a moratorium on large-scale developments in Alhambra, including “The Villages” at Fremont and Mission in Alhambra, …

  1. …Until the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for “The Villages” includes a study of traffic, as well as particulate matter and air pollution, using “Vehicle Miles Traveled” (VMT), under California Environmental Quality Act’s (CEQA) Section 15064.3.  Using the limited methodology of Level of Service (LOS) in the D-EIR rather than VMT, the Draft EIR(DEIR) only examined intersections localized to 4,000 feet from the project. However, given that the City of Alhambra is approximately 8 square miles and the project will impact the greater San Gabriel Valley, the current LOS methodology used to assess traffic is inadequate, because LOS methodology limits traffic data collection to intersections no more than three miles from the proposed project and does not study how greenhouse gas emissions are impacted in the region or how multimodal transportation is incorporated, like VMT methodology does.
  2. …Until Alhambra’s Traffic Commission provides guidance to the City regarding immediate adoption of the above-mentioned CEQA Section opposed to waiting until July 1, 2020, when all cities in the state of California are required to follow CEQA Section 15064.3 and use VMT methodology. Per Section 15064.3 (c) of CEQA guidelines, “Any agency may immediately apply the new CEQA guidelines in its CEQA analysis.”
  3. …Until an Affordable Housing ordinance is adopted in Alhambra
    • “The Villages” currently has no enforceable plan to include affordable housing units, and when community members have approached the developers for more specifics, inconsistent and vague responses have been given.
    • Another development called “Woodhaven” still in construction at Marengo/Valley nine blocks away from “The Villages”, includes 124 multi-story condos but offers no affordable housing
  4. …Until several large-scale projects nearby, which are absent from mention in the D- EIR but which will impact traffic on Fremont, are finalized or recognized, and their traffic and environmental impacts are studied and considered:
    • Formerly planned Lowes lot across the street from the proposed “Villages” site, which remains vacant
    • the SR-710 freeway stub and T-1 Connector Road, 4,000 feet southwest of proposed “Villages” site
    • 124 “Woodhaven” condos 9 blocks away at Valley/Marengo
    • USC-CSULA Bioscience Corridor/Hub/Triangle Project that is proposed, with the Villages being the NE anchor and which will greatly increase the VMT traffic within the 10+ square mile VMT corridor.
  1. …Until A Developer Accountability Ordinance is adopted in Alhambra
    • In early 2019, TAG2 / St. Clair /Lennar developers violated their own 2017 Tree Plan at the “Woodhaven” site by razing trees slated to be untouched, even after they got the approval and vote from the City of Alhambra
    • In June 2019, the owner-developer of a property leased by a Sikh Temple deceived the Alhambra Planning Commission about the occupancy of his property in favor of demolishing it to build a condo development. In December 2019, a majority of commissioners on the Planning Commission said they would not have approved the demolition of the temple had they known it was home to a vibrant religious community.

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As of Oct. 20, 2020, 538 people have signed the petition.

488 residents and voters in Alhambra have signed (along with 50 from the greater community), and they will be keenly watching the actions of their Alhambra City Councilmembers, especially those that in November up for re-election, to know if they are on the side of developers and Alhambra’s corportacracy, or on the side of residents and the People.

As of Oct. 20, 2020, 488 Alhambrans have signed.

Anisa Abeytia Alhambra
Martha Abeytia Canales Alhambra
Aristotle Acevedo Alhambra
Maria D Acosts Alhambra
Maxine Adame Alhambra
Gisela Adams Alhambra
Melanie Agajanian Alhambra
Regina E. Agajanian Alhambra
Melvin Agajanian Alhambra
Lizette Aguilar Alhambra
Violet Aguilar Alhambra
Luis Aguirre Alhambra
Luis Aguirre Alhambra
Julio Alanis Alhambra
Olga Alarid Alhambra
Leslie Almeida Alhambra
Karen Alvarez Alhambra
veronica Alvarez Alhambra
Oscar Amaro Alhambra
Cecelia Anaya Alhambra
Sandra Anderson ALHAMBRA
Elia Arellano Alhambra
karen arguelles Alhambra
victor arreguin alhambra
Omar Arriaga ALHAMBRA
F. Arriaga-Carlos Alhambra
Noreen Arroyo Alhambra
Kathleen Arroyo Alhambra
Faustino Avila Alhambra
Araceli Aviles Alhambra
Henry Aviles Alhambra
Rob B Alhambra
Judith Bakenhud Alhambra
Nicholas Balsz Alhambra
Elsa Balsz Alhambra
Nicholas Barron Alhambra
Carlos Barrón Alhambra
Renee Barron Alhambra
Vivian Barzallo Alhambra
Edwin Barzallo Alhambra
Patricia Basurto Alhambra
Elias Becerra Alhambra
Pixie Bedwell Alhambra
Robert Bilheimer Alhambra
Henry Jr. Bojorquez Alhambra
Andrew Bollas Alhambra
David Bond Alhambra
Fares Botros Alhambra
Natalie Botros Alhambra
Stephanie Botros Alhambra
Bradley Botros Alhambra
Youssif Botros Alhambra
Nancy Bottoms Alhambra
Trudy Bourke Alhambra
Jesse Buendia Alhambra
Victor Bui Alhambra
Daniel Burt Alhambra
Erik Bustos Alhambra
Monica Calderon Alhambra
cj cantara alhambra
Fabio Carpanini Alhambra
Mona Carrillo Alhambra
Jerardo Castañeda Alhambra
Samantha Castillo Alhambra
Abiud Castro Alhambra
Jeannette Castro Alhambra
Celestine Caver-Davidson Alhambra
Carmwn Celis Alhambra
Sandra Cervantes Alhambra
Mark Cessna Alhambra
Brandy Chacon Alhambra
Robert Chacon Alhambra
Bobbi Chacon Alhambra
Robert Chacon Alhambra
Robert Chacon jr Alhambra
Georgi Chan Alhambra
Cynthia Chan Alhambra
David Chang Alhambra
Justin Chap Alhambra
Angel Chau Alhambra
Carmina Chavez Alhambra
melissa chin Alhambra
Asia Chino Alhambra
Michelle Chuang Alhambra
Kara Chuang Alhambra
Kyle Chuang Alhambra
Michelle Chuang Alhambra
Kody Chuang Alhambra
Esther Cisneros Alhambra
Esther Cisneros Alhambra
Tory and Esther Cisneros Alhambra
John Clifford Alhambra
Susan Concha Alhambra
Monique Contreras Alhambra
Gilbert Contreras Alhambra
Jennifer Contreras Alhambra
Cody Corbett Alhambra
Cody Corbett Alhambra
Gabriela Cordova Alhambra
Yvette Corona Alhambra
Jessica Cortez Alhambra
Angel Covarrubias Alhambra
Lindsay Croon Alhambra
Richard Dang Alhambra
Brenda Daniels ALHAMBRA
Kelsey Davidson Alhambra
Wayne Day Alhambra
joelma dearaujo alhambra
Marcela Del Toro Alhambra
David DeLa Roche Alhambra
Linda Delaney Alhambra
Sandra Delgado Alhambra
Porfirio Delgado Alhambra
Erica Delgado Alhambra
Xiomara Diaz Alhambra
Maribel Diaz Alhambra
Nestor Diaz de Villegas Alhambra
Amanda Dillin Alhambra
Mandi Dillin Alhambra
Kacy Do Alhambra
Frank Dominguez Alhambra
Jane Durall Alhambra
Natalie Duran Alhambra
Mark Eldon Alhambra
Jordan Epstein Alhambra
kamrin escandon alhambra
Evelyn Escatiola Alhambra
Mary Espinoza Alhambra
Jose Luis Espinoza Alhambra
Blanca Espinoza Alhambra
Ms. Gerry Fagoaga Alhambra
Sheyla Fletes Alhambra
Anna Marie Flores Alhambra
Harry Flores Alhambra
Victor Flores Alhambra
Dorothy Flores Alhambra
Oscar Francia Alhambra
Yesenia Francia Alhambra
Sheena Fu Alhambra
Antoinette Fyson Alhambra
C G-D Alhambra
Gloria Gallego Alhambra
Lynda Galloway Alhambra
Rico Garcia Alhambra
Gissell Garcia Alhambra
Neydi Garcia Alhambra
Rene Garcia Alhambra
Jennifer Garcia Alhambra
Marco Garcia Alhambra
Gladys Garcia Alhambra
Bianca Garcia Alhambra
Rhoda Garcia Alhambra
Yvette Garcia Alhambra
Dominic Garcia Alhambra
Kristen Gilmartin Alhambra
Sharon Goldberg Alhambra
Rosa Gomez Alhambra
April Gomez Alhambra
Jim Gomez Alhambra
Alan Gong Alhambra
Joseph Gonzales Alhambra
Joseph Gonzales Alhambra
Brandon Gonzales Alhambra
Linda Gonzalez Alhambra
Armando Gonzalez Alhambra
Raymond Gray Alhambra
Chris Gray Alhambra
Stephanie Grijalva Alhambra
Eric Guarin Alhambra
Yvonne Guerra Alhambra
Terry Guerrero Alhambra
Violet Gutierrez Alhambra
Robert Gutierrez Alhambra
Gabriel Gutierrez Alhambra
Raul Gutierrez Alhambra
L Gutierrez Alhambra
Elsa Gutierrez-Aviles Alhambra
Bridget Hallinan Alhambra
Lynda Harris Alhambra
Deborah Hart Alhambra
Chris Haygood Alhambra
Angel Hernandez Alhambra
Gladys Herrera Alhambra
Gladys Herrera Alhambta
Analy Hidalgo Alhambra
Terry Hinojos Alhambra
Ivan Ho Alhambra
W Ho Alhambra
Connie Ho Alhambra
Edwin Ho Alhambra
Janelle Hofmann Alhambra
James Houston Alhambra
Hong Hua Alhambra
Gilbert Huerta Alhambra
Hoa Huynh Alhambra
Jan Huynh Alhambra
Coreen Hwang Alhambra
Consuelo Ibarra Alhambra
Della Illingworth Alhambra
Alma Jauregui Alhambra
Andres Jimenez Alhambra
Alejandro Jimenez Alhambra
Patricia Jimenez Alhambra
Joyce Jimenez Alhambra
Xinia Jimenez Alhambra
Joyce Jimenez Alhambra
vanessa JOHANSEN alhambra
Judy Kaneko Alhambra
Alexandra Katsas Alhambra
Asimina Katsas Alhambra
Amy Keller Alhambra
Stanley Kho Alhambra
Russell Kibbee Alhambra
Michelle Kim Alhambra
Logan Kim Alhambra
Gordon Kwan Alhambra
Michelle Kwok Alhambra
Angie L Alhambra
Kevin La Alhambra
Olivia Labrador Alhambra
Orquídea Labrador Alhambra
Francesca Lafayette Alhambra
Gina Lam Alhambra
Scott Langteau Alhambra
Ildiko Laszlo Alhambra
michael lawrence alhambra
Robert Lawrence Alhambra
Litza Ledesma Alhambra
Kassandra Ledesma Alhambra
Rita Ledesma Alhambra
Julie Lee Alhambra
Wei Kuang Lee Alhambra
John Lepo Alhambra
Socorro Leyva Alhambra
Laura Leyva Alhambra
Alice Lieou Alhambra
Tom Lim Alhambra
Michael Lin Alhambra
Dylan Littlefield Alhambra
Laura L Longoria Alhambra
Rosario Lopez Alhambra
Arnold Lopez Alhambra
marie Lopez Alhambra
Rosario Lopez Alhambra
Noelle Lopez Alhambra
Lola Love Alhambra
Marian Lovoy Alhambra
Chris Lovoy Alhambra
May Lu Alhambra
Muoi Lu Alhmabra
Alison Lu Alhambra
Rebecca Luna Alhambra
Jeanine Luna Alhambra
Tiffany Luong Alhambra
Andrew Luong Alhambra
Allen Luong Alhambra
Yolanda Luque Alhambra
Hanh Ly Alhambra
Long Mac Alhambra
Mack Mack Alhambra
Philip Mantione Alhambra
Alfred Marquez Alhambra
Sylvia Marquez Alhambra
Alyssa Marquez Alhambra
Daniel Marquez Alhambra
Ricardo Marquez Alhambra
Melanie Martens Alhambra
Nicholas Martin Alhambra
George Martinez Alhambra
Denise Martinez Alhambra
Rodolfo Martinez Alhambra
Ignacio Mata Alhambra
Denise McMaster Alhambra
Valerie Mendez Alhambra
Deanna Mendez Alhambra
Ana Mendieta Alhambra
Josie Meraz Alhambra
Pauline Merino Alhambra
JoAn Merino Alhambra
Edward Messier Alhambra
Melissa Michelson Alhambra
Gregory Miller ALHAMBRA
Matt Miller Alhambra
Michael Miranda Alhambra
Denise Mobley Alhambra
Victoria Mohutsky Alhambra
Yolanda Montes De Oca Alhambra
Michael Morales Alhambra
Angelica Morales Alhambra
Gustavo Morales Alhambra
Michelle Moreno alhambra
Andrew Mori Alhambra
Cindy Mori Alhambra
Melanie Morimoto Alhambra
Gerardo Mota Alhambra
Martha Mota alhambra
Yolanda Mota Alhambra
Irene Mota Alhambra
Norma Mota-Altman Alhambra
Consuelo Munoz Alhambra
Lili Munoz Alhambra
Maritza Muñoz Alhambra
Beverly Murata Alhambra
Hank Murdoch Alhambra
Franklin Murillo Alhambra
Felicia Muro Alhambra
Aidan Murray Alhambra
Maria Nash Alhambra
Terence Nash Alhambra
Lethy Navarrete Alhambra
Elaine Navarrete Alhambra
Helen Nguyen Alhambra
Michelle Nguyen Alhambra
Le Nguyen Alhambra
Tin Nguyen Alhambra
Janehe Nguyen Alhambra
Nghia Nguyen Alhambra
Richard Nieto Alhambra
Luke Nieto Alhambra
Kerry Oandasan Alhambra
Marti OCallaghan Alhambra
Leticia Ocana Alhambra
Belinda Olmeda Alhambra
Jessie Ong Alhambra
Roberto Orellana Alhambra
Heidi Ornelas Alhambra
Susana Oros-Mijangos Alhambra
Bernice Ortega Alhambra
Pat Osorio Alhambra
Robyn Owen Silvestri alhambra
Gina Paialii Alhambra
Hortencia Palicio Alhambra
Peter Palomino Alhambra
Hannah Palomino Alhambra
Diane Parker Alhambra
Kathleen Patterson Alhambra
Carla Pemberton Alhambra
Julia Pena Alhambra
Sue Poh Alhambra
Lindsay Pond Alhambra
Fernando prieto Alhambra
Shawn Prokopec Alhambra
John Quach Alhambra
Maria Quinonez Alhambra
Arie Quintanilla Alhambra
Rita Ramirez Alhambra
Victoria Ramirez Alhambra
Angela Ramirez Alhambra
Susan Ramos Alhambra
Alex Rayos Alhambra
Irene Recendez Alhambra
Olga Recendez Alhambra
Desiree Reyes Alhambra
Jose Reyes Alhambra
Micheal Reynoso Alhambra
Stefanie Rico Alhambra
Candy Rinard Alhambra
Arthur Rinard Alhambra
Noah Rinard Alhambra
Alexander Rinard Alhambra
Alonzia Robinson Alhambra
Rolando Rocha Alhambra
Ben Rodriguez Alhambra
Delta Rodriguez Alhambra
Rebecca Rodriguez Alhambra
Lauren Roman Alhambra
Lorena Romero Alhambra
arturo romo alhambra
Ariel Rubio Alhambra
Sheldrin Ruiz Alhambra
Camille Rutkowski Alhambra
Krista Saenz Alhambra
Zebadiah Salazar Alhambra
Sophia Salazar Alhambra
gloria salmeron Alhambra
Jasmine Sanchez Alhambra
David Sanchez Alhambra
Gary Sarley-weng Alhambra
Diane Schmeckpeper Alhambra
Rex Schmeckpeper Alhambra
Sarah Seay Alhambra
Alysia Seligman Alhambra
Pateick Serrano Alhambra
amy shachory alhambra
Amy Shachory Alhambra
Bonita Sharma Alhambra
Karen Shea Alhambra
Andrew Simpson Alhambra
Royal Siu Alhambra
Nancy Smith Alhambra
Vienna Smith Murillo Alhambra
Benito Solis Alhambra
Joe Soltero Alhambra
Andy SooHoo Alhambra
Joe Soong Alhambra
Carina Soto Alhambra
Joseph Soto Alhambra
Judith Soto Alhambra
Aide Soto Alhambra
Sean Spillane Alhambra
Joe Stadler Alhambra
Alysse Stepanian Alhambra
Rhonda Storey Alhambra
Steve Sun Alhambra
Sharon Sun Alhambra
Eric Sunada Alhambra
pauline sunda Alhambra
Thomas Sze Alhambra
Jessica TA Alhambra
Antoinette Tahir Alhambra
Antoinette Tahir Alhambra
Cecilia Talavera Alhambra
Dennis Tanf Alhambra
Siri Tang Alhambra
Kenneth Tang Alhambra
gary taylor alhambra
gary taylor alhambra
John Teeples Alhambra
Hilke Teichmann Alhambra
David Thorne Alhambra
Bruce Tilton Alhambra
catalina tinoco Alhambra
brandon tinoco Alhambra
Ken Toh Alhambra
Meehar Tom Alhambra
Cynthia Tom Alhambra
Susan Toohey Alhambra
Kelly Tran Alhambra
Brandon Tran Alhambra
Kasey Tran Alhambra
Linda Trevillian Alhambra
Ana TRUJILLO Alhambra
Samuel Truong Alhambra
Emily Truong Alhambra
Stephanie Tse Alhambra
Melanie Ulloa Alhambra
Judy V Alhambra
Michael Valle Alhambra
Paolo Varas Alhambra
Robert Vasquez Alhambra
Brianna Vasquez Alhambra
Robert Vasquez Alhambra
Froylan Vasquez Alhambra
Elisa Vasquez Alhambra
Alma Vazquez Alhambra
Carol Vazquez Alhambra
Eddy Vega Alhambra
Kris Veizaga Alhambra
Benjamin Velasquez Alhambra
BJ Velasquez Alhambra
Isabel Verdugo Alhambra
Juan Villena Alhambra
Gigi Villena Alhambra
Karen Vrooman Alhambra
Sher Watson Alhambra
John Whisenant Alhambra
Tiffany white Alhambra
Stephen Williams Alhambra
Barbara Wilson alhambra
Josephine Wong Alhambra
Jeff Wong Alhambra
Stephanie Wu Alhambra
XIU-ZHI Wu Alhambra
James Wu Alhambra
Yonghui Wu Alhambra
Lily Wu Alhambra
Bin Xiao Alhambra
Ramy Yacoub Alhambra
Trinh Yacoub Alhambra
Alya Yamani Alhambra
Abdurrahman Yamani Alhambra
Rita Yamasaki Alhambra
Charlotte Yamasaki Alhambra
Enrique Yanez Alhambra
Angelica Yi Alhambra
John Yip Alhambra
Sonia Yoon Alhambra
Sonia Yoon Alhambra
Dean Yulfo Alhambra
Lucia Zepeda Alhambra
Cory Zerbe Alhambra
Kevin Zhang Alhambra
Kalleen Zozaya Alhambra

As of Oct. 20, 2020: 50 outside Alhambra have signed

Lorraine Alegria Los Angeles
Peter Alegria Los Angeles
Cynthia Amador Diaz Monterey Park
Adamantly Andresen San dFacvre
beverly ashley pasadena
Kennedy Baca South Pasadena
Fernando Cardenas South Pasadena
Jerson Castillo Monterey park
Dorothy Chapman South Pasadena
Viviana Chen San Gabriel
Lu Cruz La Puente
Mary Dolmage MontereyPark
Cecilia Estrada MontereyPark
Carrie Evanilla San Gabriel
Dan Evanilla San Gabriel
Krystie Fong Lakewood
Liliana Hernandez Los Angeles
Luisito Huang Chen San Gabriel
Destiny Jara Monterey Park
Todd Jones Altadena
Evelyn Jones San Gabriel
Elizabeth Ko San Gabriel
Christopher Lin San Gabriel
Patty Machuca San Gabriel
Sean McMorris San Gabriel
Amanda Medina Monterey park
Charisma Menendez Monterey park
Christine Mireles San Gabriel
Theresa Monge Monterey park
kaveh Naeeni PASADENA
Celeste Nguyen Monterey Park
Trang Nguyen San Gabriel
Joanne Nuckols South Pasadena
Melissa Pan San Gabriel
Elpidio Perez Los Angeles
Helena Pietrusiewicz South Pasadena
Kristin Pilon Pasadena
Gabriel Ramirez El Monte
Laura Reynoso Garcia Monterey Park
Deanna Rodriguez Monterey Park
Francis Sele Los Angeles
BRUNILDA Sirias Los Angeles
Claudia Solis Los Angeles
Jan SooHoo La Canada
Maizie Tam Monterey Patk
Yamileth Varas Los Angeles
Jules Winiarski Arcadia
Ryan Yang Temple City
Nathalie Zamora Monterey Park